2013 Skipper Programme

At the end of last year we met up a few times to discuss the skipper program.There have been a few changes but it's still going ahead.

If you went to a previous meeting it would be great to see you or if you're new that's fine too.


Note: This is for people who want to skipper/learn to skipper this season.


Goal of the meetup

Get everyone who needs/wants to onto a suitable course with a basic learning plan so that they can start skippering trips in April/May.


Why have another meetup?

Good to see everyone in 2013 and the previous suggestion of a two weekend (3 day + 2 day) Coastal Skipper course may not suit everyone as it does not provide any certification. For some this isn't an issue, for others it is. We should nail everything in this meetup.


What's recommended to be a skipper of a sailing trip?

Path 1: You're already a qualified Coastal Skipper/YM Coastal or above
People at this stage do not need to attend unless they haven't already. For qualified skippers we'll be buddying up at the beginning of the season.

There is also a refresher instruction weekend which you can attend to brush up if you're a bit rusty or just want to improve confidence.

Path 2: You've got some experience Day Skipper or similar but have never 'been the skipper'.
If you've never skippered a mixed crew and you're at Day Skipper then the recommendation is to take a 5 day coastal skipper course.

Option 1: Take a 5 day course (Mon-Fri) - Looking into (Fri-Weds) which is most likely option.

Option 2: Split a 5 day course over two weekends (3 day + 2 day) - *No completion certificate as this is only issued if course is 5 consecutive days.

You can optionally follow either option 1 or 2 with a Yachtmaster Coastal or Offshore exam however it is recommended that you have done Yachtmaster theory.

One route would be to take the Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore exam at the end of the season after having practiced all your learnings and learn theory as you go along.

From: 6.15pm - 8.15
Where: Starbucks 112-116 New Oxford Street, London WC1A 1HH
Nearest tube: Tottenham Court Road
Contact number: 0791 760 2110



Q: I'm not able to make it for 6.15pm does it matter if I'm late?

A: No, not at all. I'll be there until 8.15, possibly even later. We may even end up in the pub (A few doors down towards Holborn, away from TCR) for a drink afterwards!


Q: I can't make it at all and consider myself to be in Path 2 how can I let you know what I want to do.

A: Easy. Please email (click my name Duncan Malcolm and then click send message) me with your availability for weekends in Feb/March/April as well as your preferred learning option.


Q: I've already skippered loads and don't need to do any courses how do I get started?

A: Read path 1. Two options, either buddy up with someone who's already skippered so that you have an unbeatable Skipper/First mate pair. We can suggest who. Or if you already have a friend who you trust bring them and post up a trip.


Q: What are the legal/liability issues that I should be aware of?

A: We can't give legal advice however there are a number of suggestions from all the skippers that can minimise your exposure. Come down to the meetup and we'll let you know what we do.


Q: What are the benefits of being a skipper?

A: Appart from knowing you can master the seas as many sailors and navymen before you. Skippers pay a discounted charter fee with our charter company to help try to make up for the cost, time and dedication of running a sailing trip.


Q: How difficult is it to run a sailing trip?

A: Honestly. First trip = Hard work. Every other from then on gets easier as you seamlessly time your Tesco order to arrive moments before you at the Marina having had everyone meet at the right place at Waterloo station to get their 4 for 2 return train tickets.


Q: Why are you doing this program, what's in it for you?

A: Perhaps it's a concerted effort to help boost the UK sailing economy, really I just enjoy sailing, meeting people and going on adventures.

Three years on from setting up LSC many different routes have been tried to create a sustainable community where everyone can go sailing easily.

I'm happy that I've helped get a whole bunch of people out on the water. This program will hopefully help get more trips running. If you want to buy me a pint or a hot chocolate I won't be offended :-)