Canary Islands - Tidal Water Experience With the Sun on Your Shoulders!


I'm planning a trip starting and ending in Tenerife, and hopefully visiting the islands of La Gomera, La Palma, and El Hierro too. The trip will be part holiday, passing through waters where you have a very good chance of seeing whales and dolphins, and part mile-builder, with excellent tidal experience in Atlantic waters for your log book.

We'll visit islands which are well off the beaten path for most tourists, and cover good distances using constant Trade Winds (i.e. we won't have to tack every five minutes), and you'll only need to wear shorts rather than the waterproofs you'd normally associate with tidal waters. The distances might be longer than those you'll have experienced on Mediterranean club holidays, but I intend to get a swimming opportunity in each day if at all possible, and every evening will end in a marina.

The boat is a 12 metre yacht. It won't be allocated until we get people in place, but will be a Sun Odyssey 39i, or a Hanse 400 in all likelihood.



I'd like to have one or two people with some good sailing experience aboard but with a crew of six in all we'd be able to accommodate other people who are new to sailing.


How much?

Costs are EUR300 per person for the boat. There is sufficient fuel provided free to accommodate our expected needs, but if we exceed that we would share the cost. Otherwise it'll be just shares of food and marina costs as per usual. The charter company also provide bedding and towels etc.


Other important stuff

Don't forget you'd need to arrange your own flights. They look like they can be had for under £200 return at the moment, although I'm not a travel agent and don't guarantee anything on that. I'm only planning on chartering one boat and taking six people including myself.

Please also don't RSVP "Yes" unless you're fairly serious about going. Sorry to sound bossy, but can be a bit of a nuisance if people tie up places when they don't really want to go, and put others off because it looks like the trip is full :)