Summer Sailing in Greece

Latest news 16th February!

The first three boats are all full and deposits have been paid by everyone on board. It's fairly likely that we'll have at least one more boat, so if you've sent me a disclaimer but haven't got a reference number yet don't worry too much because I'll book the next boat once I have a crew assembled.

If you've sent me back your disclaimer and been allocated a reference number then to make your deposit payment Please click on this link and then click on the link marked “secure online payment”. Once you get there you need to enter your card details, then if memory serves you enter your name, email address, reference number and 130,00 which is your deposit amount in euros. Remember to use a comma to indicate the decimal point. After that there's nothing else to do until June apart from booking your flight.

If you’re just reading this for the first time and are interested in going on the trip, then this is what you need to know:

This is our third trip as a club holiday. The last couple of years we’ve gone to Croatia and Turkey, so this year’s trip is set for Greece. We’re planning to visit the Saronic Gulf ( and Argolic Gulf ( Both of these are within the capabilities of most crews and the time of year we’ve chosen should keep us clear of the Meltemi, which is a strong northerly wind that tends to blow in July and August. Most days our itinerary will allow for a lunchtime swim and evening meetup. It should also be possible to factor in a one day stopover at Astros or Nafplio from where it's possible to hire a car and drive to the ancient ruins at Mycenae and Epidavros if people wish to do that. The last day would give time to drop off the boats and then spend most of the day in Athens before catching an evening flight home too.

The boats are booked from June 16th to June 23rd, both of which are Saturdays.

We should be able to visit most of these places:

Poros -

Hydra -

Spetses -

Hermione -

Nafplio -

Astros -,_Greece

Having sailed these waters several times before I can tell you they are all delightful places to visit.

Our arrangement for this trip is that we take part in the holiday as individual friends. You pay the charter company direct and are responsible for all your own travel arrangements. This ensures that the club has no role as a travel agent or anything similar. That’s why you need to sign the disclaimer because it demonstrates that you understand your own responsibilities and accept them, so please read it thoroughly.

We have arranged for similar boats to the ones we used in Turkey last year. Initially we’ve booked three Sun Odyssey 42i yachts and these will be shared by six people each. This is what the charter company – Fyly - have quoted us for each boat…

Boat details:
SUN ODYSSEY 42i (2009)
Available Mid June
Athens to Athens
List price EURO 3150
FYLY Price EURO 2150 + end cleaning EURO 75

SUN ODYSSEY 39i (2007)
Available Mid June
Athens to Athens
List price EURO 3150
FYLY Price EURO 1850 + end cleaning EURO 75

SUN ODYSSEY 36i (2011)
Available Mid June
Athens to Athens
List price EURO 3150
FYLY Price EURO 1700 + end cleaning EURO 75

Included in the price is all equipment, towels, linen and airport pick-up.

Click on the link if you want to see more of what each boat looks like. The charter company price is shown and this price will be split amongst all those on board. So for a 42i the cost should be 371 euros in total per person. This does not include costs of food, fuel and any other things of that nature of course.

Initially you’ll need to pay a deposit of 130 Euros. This represents 35% of the total payment for the most expensive boats – i.e. the Sun Odyssey 42i. If you end up on a smaller boat, e.g. the 39i, as some people went on in Turkey, then your final payment will be slightly less. There will be nothing else to pay until June.

A quick look at flights shows that they are in the region of £130ish return. So that allows you to get a feel for your total outlay. I’m not guaranteeing that of course and flights are strictly your own concern.

If you like what you’ve read so far then set your status to ‘going’ and send me a disclaimer. I will then send you a payment reference and you can go to the charter company’s site and pay them your deposit.

Hopefully I’ve answered all your questions, but if you’d like to ask me anything else then feel free to email me, or call me on 07711-528477

The disclaimer is here:

Meetup “Summer Sailing in Greece” – June 16th to June 23rd 2012


I understand that this Meetup is a trip organised between a group of friends “the Group”, and that each individual will participate in the trip without liability to any other.  I understand that one or more persons from the Group will act as Organisers to coordinate aspects of the trip, but I undertake that on no account shall I consider the Organisers or Meetup® to be acting as a travel agent or tour operator for the purposes of this trip.

I understand that all bookings or reservations will be made directly between myself as an individual and the Company responsible for providing the services booked (notwithstanding any assistance provided by the Organisers).  Neither the Organisers nor the Meetup® website will be liable for any losses suffered by me as a consequence of this Meetup. 

I undertake to make myself aware of any arrangements and deadlines that are suggested by the Organisers and to correspond and comply with them as necessary. I understand that if I am notified of a payment deadline but fail to make a payment I will become liable to the forfeit of any deposits already paid to the Company and to my place on the trip.

I accept that during the Meetup each boat will be commanded by a skipper, and that for reasons of safety and practicality the skipper will have the final decision on any matters relating to the boat and its occupants during the trip. I undertake to pay attention to any information and instructions given by the skipper, and promise to take a fair share of duties on the boat during the trip.



_______________________ Signed _______________________Date



1.      What would happen to our payments if Greece left the Eurozone?

Answer (from the charter company) - "Before Greece was a member of Euro and used drachmas we used to charge in US Dollars, German Marks etc. We would therefore continue to set our prices in Euros and would accept payment in Euros even in the event that Greecehad changed to a different currency. We also only expect a payment of 35% of the cost prior to arrival, so the remaining 65% can be paid directly when you arrive in Greece"

I think this ties in with what we have experienced in both Croatia and Turkey - both countries whose currency isn't the Euro, but where the Euro is still widely used. If we expect that individual businesses in Greece will continue to trade even if the government becomes insolvent, then I think we can be fairly secure in the knowledge that our holiday will go ahead. Additionally your outlay is 130 euros deposit. The rest can be paid on arrival if necessary, or shortly before for convenience’s sake. I think if you pay by credit card then your money is protected (I’m not 100% sure on that but perhaps someone could enlighten me?)

Whilst I can't actually vouch for this company's financial position any more than I could for say Steelbird who we used last year, I can say that I have personally sailed with them on five previous occasions and find them to be excellent individuals who take great pride in ensuring that your trip is a good one.

2.      Can complete novices come?

Absolutely! Each trip so far has had a significant number of crew members who have little or no prior experience. You’ll be welcome. If you have experience though you’re welcome too. Please let us know how you see yourself when you sign up so that we can distribute experience around boats evenly.  

Please let me know if you have any other questions you’d like answered here.

All the best for now then!