Sail From Southampton to Lubeck Germany - Only for Experienced Sailors

What's the plan?

My friend bought a very nice yacht and asked me to help him deliver it to the German Baltics, close to Luebeck.

This is a fantastic over 600 nm trip for experienced sailors only, i.e. at least RYA Dayskipper or comparable, with practical experience.

The marina is 30miles from Luebeck in a very picturesque park of the German Baltics, between Luebeck and Wismar.,11.2236791,3a,75y,227.29h,97.65t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1s-DXw8bLCTH6c%2FWPIZm1nm9SI%2FAAAAAAAAAqs%2F2a_d-yqpc3M-FXHsTP3eaWz4zAaKzD65gCLIB!2e4!3e11!!7i7776!8i3888

This is a great starting point for a relaxing weekend on for visiting the historical Baltic town of Luebeck a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Luebeck itself is a  great starting point for further exploration. Hamburg is only 42 miles away, Kiel 55 miles, Rostock 75 miles and the border to Denmark ca 100 miles. 

How to get home? 

Ryanair fly from Hamburg to London and the prices at the moment start around £25 to £42. The problem is that the date off arrival is not 100% certain, as this, just like with every sailing trip progress is subject to the vagaries of the weather, but we should arrive no later than 29/08. (No guarantee re timing, as safety of crew and boat come first!)

The facts:

Very nice 40ft Grand Soleil - a beautiful boat

Over 600 nm

Duration 6-9 days (depending on weather) of day and night sailing (we will stop a few times)

Watch systems with everyone involved

Route: Starting in Southampton and passing Brighton, Dover, Dunkirk,  Oostende,  Rotterdam, The Frisian Islands of Texel, Terschelling, Borkum, Juist, Langeog, Norderney, etc.  Then to Cuxhaven and through the North East Channel to Kiel into the Baltics and down towards Luebeck.

Cost: FREE No cost for the boat etc only a share of cost for food and drink.  You need to pay  £100 to reserve your space, as we cant have people sign up and then not come. The money will only be spent on food and if there is any excess it will be refunded to you at the end of the trip. The money will only be refunded should the trip be cancelled or you drop out bringing an acceptable replacement.

Any questions - just ask.


Terms and conditions: 

Please read carefully. By joining this trip you accept that the Skipper has the final decision on activities and the itinerary, with the safety of crew and the yacht in mind. This means that depending on wind and weather the trip may have to be changed or cancelled. If the trip is cancelled you will receive a full refund, if the trip is changed you will not. By joining this trip you confirm that you are in good health and are a competent swimmer. (This should be self-understood for a watersport.) This is a shared costs venture, so there is no commercial liability or public liability on the part of the Skipper or on the part of any crew member. You take part at your own risk and absolve the Skipper and crew from all liability arising out of any action or inaction, with the exception of intentional harm. If you wish to have insurance cover it is your own responsibility to arrange it.

The Meetup ® event host is an occasional event-host and not a professional organiser (as such term is defined under The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992); accordingly this event shall not be construed as a “package tour” or "package holiday".