⛵ 2016 Crews Social & 2017 Planning

London Sailing Club Social, open to everyone. We¹ particularly invite the crews from our¹ Turkey Rally for a re-union, participants of the Corfu to Athens flotilla in October and everyone else who sailed with us¹ or is planning to do so in the near future. We¹ will also do some planning for 2017 so join us¹ if you want to get involved as skipper or crew!


Please pay here: http://paypal.me/quid/5

Registration closes a few days before the event or when full. Make sure you book early!


The venue will be a bar in central London. Details to follow here once we¹ have numbers and finalized the booking for an area.


The £5 registration fee is non-refundable and goes towards the booking, drinks and snacks.


RUN ASHORE is an (ir)regular social sailing event 'ashore', organised by volunteers for the London Sailing Meetup and open to everyone interested in sailing. It won't follow a fixed schedule, but will happen different weekdays and London locations. Get in touch if you have any suggestions!


(1) On the insistence of our¹ chairman, we¹ have to point out that we¹/our¹/us¹ refers to the Events Hosts of this event.