Boat Handling in a Marina - 1 Space Available Saturday

All sailors will remember a difficult situation handling a boat in a marina with wind and tide...

These are two 1-day courses, independent of each other so you can take only 1 day (£120/person) or two days (£240/person), as there will always be a maximum of 4 students and 1 instructor.

We have one space on Saturday 05/03/2016 and 4 spaces on Sunday 06/03/2016 - please confirm by email which day you are joining for!

To reduce the chance of expensive errors I organise a Boathandling in a Marina Course every year at the start of the season. The recipe is simple but effective:

1 Day 3-4 Students on 1 Boat with 1 Instructor and only Boat handling, 180s, stern-to, bow-to, uptide, downtide???

This is a one-day course focussed only on boat handling in a marina and useful for everyone who wants to work on their close quarter boat handling skills. I hired a very experienced instructor and there will be a maximum of 4 students.

The course runs from Sat 05th of March from 0900 -1700 in Southampton so everyone will have enough time to practice and you should leave with improved confidence and skills to handle those tricky marina situations. I have specifically chosen a Spring tide to make it a bit more challenging.

Cost is £120/person/day. Minimum of 3 AND Maximum of 4 participants.

You must have either Day Skipper or Competent Crew qualification to participate. This is NOT for complete beginners.