Young & [email protected] Social (South)

Save the date! After our successful Soho event in May, here's another chance to meet members for a wee bevvvy and boogie.

New and regular members welcome. Come down especially if you've never been to a social before!

One of our favourite sailor DJs Steve Stone (GroovePunk) is playing at Fu Manchu, check out his mixes if you want to get a taste of what flavour of music will be on.

Dinner - Please confirm early

What:  Dinner in a nice pub nearby

Where:  Stonehouse pub, 65 Stonhouse Street, London SW4 6BJ

Tubes: Clapham North (Northern) / Clapham High Street (Overground)

When: Saturday 29th November - 8pm - 10pm


What:  House music, cocktails and a party

Where: Fu Manchu Bar, Clapham 

Tubes: Clapham North (Northern) / Clapham High Street (Overground)

When: Saturday 29th November - 10pm - 3am

Dress code: Casual dressy <=> Cocktail

Door fee: I think it was around £5 last time.


RSVP now and I'll send you an update with all details closer to the event!

£2 booking fee/donation to RSVP will go to the LSC club account to prevent drop-outs and noncommittal RSVPs. 

I have to put a deposit down to book the table for dinner so want to make sure there are people at it :-).

This event is open to all London Sailing Meetup members - young or young at heart - and their guests. 

Some FAQs

Q: Why run a young & young @ heart members meetup?

A: It's a different flavour of meetup to our regular socials

Q: Is this ageist?

A: After consulting with members and obtaining advice from RYA and Age UK, we can answer this with a resounding 'No'.

Q: Is this a singles event?

A: Although many of our members are single, we are neither a dating or 'hookup' group. We're here to help meet like minded people who are interested in or already love sailing.


This event is listed here for informational purposes and without any warranties. This listing should not be construed as an endorsement of the event, the organizers, venues or event hosts. Please see this group's full terms and conditions and Frequently Asked Questions for details.