Fun & Social Week Sailing in Greece

Chilled and social trip around the waters of the Saronic i.e. from Athens. We'll be nipping into the amazing islands around the area and indulging as much culture as makes sense. 

It's a new sailing area for me so I need to do some research. But hear that there are plenty of lively places to stop off and great places to go.

Who should come?
All experiences welcome. I'm a keen sailor so the plan will be to get in plenty of miles rather than just sit around drinking ouzo, although that is likely to happen at some stage. 

As a warning this is best for the young and young at heart. If you're an early to bed type this might not be the best trip for you. I'm 31, my partner in crime is 26, we like to have a good drink and the odd party now and then. 

The boat(s), Crew & Skipper(s)

• We have one boat of close friends and family which has 1-2 spaces left

We're trying to get boats to 50:50 girls to guys or as close as possible. Makes cabins easier and trips more fun.

• There will probably also be other boats that come from the people that RSVP for this event!

Weather prediction
Probably better than London. Weatherspark reckons an average daily high over around 22.5 degrees vs. London's 15 degrees...

Charter costs this time of year will work out at £150-£200 per person including final cleaning. 

£90 deposit is due immediately. I'll email you bank details.

We'll share food, fuel and any marina costs. I've looked up flights and there are some very reasonably priced flights at decent times.

This is a shared cost trip as per the LSC club trip guidelines.

Potential itineraries
One of the islands we'll try to visit is Hydra, which is famous for using only mule trains to transport everything and has no cars but we'll also try to visit most of these places too... Poros -
Spetses -
Aegina -
Nafplio -
Astros -,_Greece
Ermione - 

Upfront and Open notes

By joining this trip you accept that the Skipper has the final decision on activities and the itinerary, with safety of crew and the yacht in mind. 

This is a volunteer based trip, so there is no commercial liability or public liability on the part of myself as Skipper or on the part of any crew member. You take part at your own risk and if you wish to have insurance cover it is your own responsibility to arrange it. 

The Meetup ® event host is an occasional event-host and not a professional organiser (as such term is defined under The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992); accordingly this event shall not be construed as a “package tour” or "package holiday".

The weekend will go ahead provided that we have a minimum of 5 crew. If it has to be cancelled due to insufficient people or cancellation by the charter company you will be refunded in full for all monies paid.