Taittinger Cup - Social & Light Racing | RSYC

The Western Solent's most relaxed and enjoyable Regatta.

The annual Taittinger Cup run by Royal Solent Yacht Club is upon us.

I'm looking to enter a boat in the event which starts with a champagne reception in Yarmouth on Friday afternoon followed by racing on Saturday and a dinner and charity knees up that evening.

To be clear I'm entering for the taking part/social rather than the winning. That said we'll try our best.

Who should attend?
Anyone is welcome to join, there are a few spots saved for more experienced sailors.



- Friday meet at Waterloo 1pm or latest 3.00pm Hamble Point Marina (Champers @ 6.30pm)
- Those who cant make the lunchtime departure will need to meet in Yarmouth which has a regular ferry from Lymington (last dept 10pm).

- 6.30pm Champagne reception at RSYC

- 7.00pm Dinner


- Racing during the day

- Eating and social in the evening with dinner at RSYC


- Racing in the morning

- Lunch and awards in the afternoon

- Back at Hamble by 3pm for 4pm departure

3Cab 8 Berth 40ft Bravaria sport, no spinnaker. As above this is an all ability taking part fun weekend rather than a shouty experience..


Total is £247.50/per person based on 8 in total.

Incl. Charter, Race fees, Champagne Reception Friday, Dinner at the Royal Solent Yacht Club Friday evening and the Towers charity party at the waterfront country house Saturday evening (fireworks too last time).

Not Incl. Some snacks and drinks water/beer from Tesco for the day time, possibly mooring but TBC.

Menu of food and timings is here:



Payment confirms your place no matter how quickly you join the meetup event.

The £12 deposit to RSVP is refundable when you've attended the event. You must pay the charter company within 7 days of RSVP'ing.

Due immediately: £247.50 paid directly to the charter company. Call them on 023 8045 7110 and mention that it is Duncan's booking of Skittles for the weekend of 24th July.

On the day:  £38.50 for the social to be paid direct on the day.

What to bring:
- Subject to weather full sailing gear, if it's sunny then it won't be needed. 
- Cap, Sunglasses, Suncream.. 
- Trousers that aren't jeans, sports tracksuit bottoms or shorts are ideal 
- Soft bag, no hard cases

What will I need to do and where do I sleep?

You'll be expected to join in with all of the sailing, rope pulling, helming, navigating. If you don't know how, don't worry, just bring a positive attitude.

We'll be sleeping on board in shared cabins. There may be a mixed cabin depending on ratios of girls to guys so let me know if this is a problem and I'll be sure to put you with same gender..

Who's the skipper?

Duncan Malcolm: I've been sailing for around 14 years and have a Yachmaster Coastal (examined).

Small print - In plain english ! :-)

Small print to follow, annoying but I have to include it to make you aware of a few things before the trip. Usually I don't go into this much detail but I think it makes sense to be fully clear on everything.


It's my duty recommend that you take out insurance for personal injury and I recommend for cancellation encase you're unable to make it for reasons beyond your control.

I am not an expert on insurance and so cannot advise on which insurance that you should have for sailing trips but it is my understanding that most holiday insurance policies will cover sailing. Please research sailing insurance or sailing holiday insurance on Google.

As a note on the yacht's insurance, all yachts are insured by the charter company. Skipper takes responsibility for damage to the yacht with the exception of items dropped overboard (winch handles, bouys, radios etc), damage due to carelessness/inhibition (e.g. red wine on cushions) or damage due to not following the skippers instructions (e.g. Don't pull that rope, you pull it and something rips/breaks).


By coming on this trip you accept responsibility for your own actions and accept that sailing can be a dangerous sport which can lead to injuries including minor, major and occasionally death. You agree that you will not hold the skipper or a fellow crew member liable for any liability.

The skipper should be listened to at all times and you should follow their instructions. Finally this is a shared cost trip and there is no 3rd party organisation involved.

Last but not least, you should have fun!!