Social & Chilled Solent Sailing Weekend

Plan is to go for a chilled fun weekend of sailing and social around the Solent. It's my partner in crimes birthday so there will be a few drinks too :-)

Trip type

This is a social sailing trip. We're likely to be sailing and staying up late over a few drinks :-) No experience required.


Friday - Meet at Waterloo 5.30pm or Hamble 7pm-onwards Saturday - Sail around the Solent with stop off at pub for lunch before sailing a bit more and heading for dinner and drinks.

Sunday - Back at Hamble by 3pm for 4pm departure back to London Travel

Most likely you have a regular job so your meeting point is 5.30-6.00pm by the WH Smiths next to the ticket office (at the north eastern most part) of Waterloo station.

From where you will take a train to Southampton Airport Parkway and an adjoining taxi to the correct marina. In this case most likely Hamble Point Marina.

If you arrive early you can get a 3 for 2 rail pass with other crew and save yourself ±£15 :-)

Note: I will be driving down but don't have space.

The boat
3 Cabin 8 Berth 37ft, no spinnaker. This is an all ability taking part fun weekend rather than a shouty experience..

The skipper

Duncan Malcolm: I've been sailing since around 1999 and have a Yachtmaster Coastal (examined), friendly, social and please please bring something chocolate :-)

The cost

£12 deposit to confirm place, will be refunded once you have paid the charter company.

£152/per person + £20-£30 for fuel/food/marina and a non-boat meal. Happy to take up to 7 people. 

Payment is £152 to Hamble Point Yacht Charters (0238 045 7110) by card for the charter + shared cost (£25) to Duncan in cash for kitty on Friday.

The balance is due ASAP.
Please call: 0203 8045 7110 to pay for the charter.

The food

Please tell me if you're a veggie and make sure to clarify if you're fully veggie, pescetarian, vegan... It does/will make a difference to my tesco order :-) 

I would always suggest bringing your fave nuts if you're full vegan/have other requirements and getting in touch so we can figure out food.

Your packing list

- Sleeping bag. The real winners bring duvets!

- It's June, possibility of showers, waterproof jacket/trousers reccomended. £5-£10 to rent jacket/bottoms/boots. 

- Gloves, hat, warm fleece. If you don't own such affairs you can buy them last minute at Waterloo station at Fat Face. 

- Cap, Sunglasses, Suncream.. = Essential - Trousers, NOT jeans, sports tracksuit bottoms or shorts are ideal.

- Soft bag, ideally backpack. NO HARD CASES! Think backpacks and hold alls. 

What will I need to do and where do I sleep?

You'll be expected to join in with all of the sailing, rope pulling, tea making, helming, navigating. If you don't know how to sail, don't worry, just bring that positive 'can do' attitude they keep talking to you about at work about...

We'll be sleeping on the boat/yacht in shared cabins. There may be a mixed cabin depending on ratios of girls to guys so let me know if this is a problem and I'll be sure to put you with same gender..

Small print - In plain english ! :-)

Small print to follow, annoying but I have to include it to make you aware of a few things before the trip. Usually I don't go into this much detail but I think it makes sense to be fully clear on everything.


It's my duty as skipper/organiser to recommend that you take out insurance for personal injury and extreme sports/sailing and I recommend for cancellation encase you're unable to make it for reasons beyond your control.

I am not an expert on insurance and so cannot advise on which insurance that you should have for sailing trips, but it is my understanding that most holiday insurance policies will cover sailing and that you should be able to check your policy or find suitable policies by searching online. Please research sports/sailing insurance or sailing holiday insurance online.

As a note on the yacht's insurance, all yachts are insured by the charter company. Skipper takes responsibility for damage to the yacht with the exception of items dropped overboard (winch handles, bouys, radios etc), damage due to carelessness (e.g. red wine on cushions) or damage due to not following the skippers instructions (e.g. You don't pull that rope when asked, or without asking you randomly pull something and something rips/breaks) is your own responsibility.


By coming on this trip you accept responsibility for your own actions and accept that sailing can be a dangerous sport which can lead to minor and major injuries and occasionally death. You agree that you and/or family members and friends will not hold the skipper or a fellow crew member liable for any liability as a result of their actions as to the extend that the law allows.

The acting skipper should be listened to at all times and you should follow their instructions. Finally this is a shared cost trip and there is no 3rd party organisation involved.

This is an occasional non-profit trip and is therefore not covered under the package holidays act.

Last but not least, you should have fun!! :-)