Tallship Guided Tour (ALEX II)

The ALEXANDER von HUMBOLDT II (or ALEX-2) is a square rigged tall ship. Her predecessor is well known from the Beck's beer adverts and her green sails. We have been offered an exclusive tour by one of her crew members.

ALEX-2 has been built with a traditional barque rigg. That means the fore and main mast carry square sails while the sternmost, the mizzen mast, carries gaff sails. In total, ALEX-2 is driven by 24 sails with a sail area of 1.360 m². In favourable wind conditions, she runs up to 14 knots.

During her visit to London, ALEX-2 will be moored alongside the HMS Belfast. If you want to catch her sailing up the Thames on the 15th: She will be passing Greenwich around 09:30 and Tower Bridge around 10:00 (give or take 20 minutes).

The ship is owned and operated by a non-profit, charitable organization to provide traditional high seas sailing for people of all ages, but especially for young men and women aged 15-25: http://www.alex-2.de/en/



This event is open to all London Sailing Meetup members and their guests.


The charity operating the boat have suggested a £3 donation.


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