Race to Guernsey

What's the Event?

Morgan Cup Race

When Does the Race Start?

Friday 19th June 2015 at 1850hrs from the RYS Cowes, to the East

When Will I Need to Join the Boat?

Friday 19th June 2015 at 1200hrs at Haslar Marina

What's the Race Course?

Cowes, Les Casquets, Les Hanois, Guernsey. Approximately 125 miles.

When Will the Boat Return to Haslar?

On completing the race we will return to Haslar, spending only the minimum time ashore to hand in our declaration and get the tide.

If the weather and tide timing is kind, this could allow us to be back in Haslar by Sunday evening. If not, early Monday, so you may need to take time off work on Monday.

What Boat Will I be Racing On?

McGregor IV a 38 foot cruiser racer, suitably safety coded and equipped for offshore racing.

Who will be Skipper?

Peter Ward, is skipper, Yachtmaster, regular LSC event organiser with extensive experience of offshore racing and RORC campaigns.

Who will be other Crew?

Lydia Coffey, Monica Wolff, Steve Purdue, Stephen Jefferson, all LSC members with offshore cruising and race experience.

What Can I Expect?

A large fleet. A lot of mileage, at least 250. Racing through the night and into the next day. Operating a watch system. A none stop passage back. An adventure challenge. This event is all about the sailing, safety and effective teamwork.

Who's it Suitable for?

Someone with cruising experience wanting to extend their sailing skills.

An infrequent racer looking for an opportunity.

What will it cost?

£200 will cover your share of the charter costs, race fees, mooring fees, diesel and gas, all food and drinks provided onboard.

What's the Arrangement?

This is a shared cost event, the other crew members having chartered the vessel for a series of events throughout the season.

What Should I do Next if I'd like to Crew on this Race?

RSVP and email Peter direct at [email protected]

Any general questions then please post them below so that Q&A's can be seen by other interested members.