Delivery - Chichester - Brighton (Free)

What's the plan?

We're delivering a Kingfisher 30 yacht from Chichester to Brighton, rounding Selsey Bill along the way. Times are a little flexible due to tidal constraints but as long as you're free on Saturday evening and most of Sunday that should be fine.

I will need you to call me on 07711-528477 (Steve) to discuss as soon as you RSVP, so if you RSVP and then I don't hear from you it won't be possible for me to hold the place due to the short time available before the trip.

There is no charge for this, and it will be useful experience for anyone who wants to take part in a coastal passage of the kind which is covered in Yachtmaster Coastal exams.

Who should come?

You will need to have some experience of sailing and be able to lend a hand as crew. If you'd like to get involved in passage planning then I'll be happy to discuss that with you as well.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for this trip. It is free. Any costs in getting down to the marina or getting home will be down to you though of course.