Join Our Fastnet Campaign?

Last season a group of LSC members trained and raced offshore, building significant mileage and skills throughout the season. Sailing as far as Dublin, Great Yarmouth, Ijumuiden and St Malo, some clocked nearly 3000 miles.

All of that sailing was completed on just one boat, and this year, those LSC members have a place in the Fastnet race having chartered the very same boat.

Knowing the boat and having a great deal of sea time together means that we've built our experience and skills together, but we're looking to add to our team numbers.

Why? Because we want to help other LSC members develop their skills and we'd like to have a 3 watch system when we race. Simple really.

We have only 3 x places available on the full Fastnet campaign and would like to keep the team fully crewed by LSC members.

So if you're interested read on.....

To join us you'll need to be, beyond day skipper level and be able to commit to the following dates:

25th - 26th April Bradwell Training Sat + 1 x Inshore Race on Sunday

9th - 10th May Bradwell Sat Offshore Race + Sun Inshore Race

15th - 18th May North Sea Race (Fri & Mon req'd off work) 180m Qualifier Harwich to Scheveningen

12th - 15th June East Coast Race (Fri & Mon req'd off work) 120m Qualifier Burnham to Ostend

10th - 13th July Cowes – St Malo Race (Fri & Mon req'd off work) 150m Qualifier 

8th - 9th August Bradwell - Gosport Race Training Passage

15th - 22nd August Fastnet Race (1 week req'd off work)

You'll also need to agree to do the RYA Sea Survival course and have done suitable First Aid training.

Because of the nature of this campaign, we don't intend to take just anyone along. We are not offering passenger places, you won't simply be sitting on the rail, you'll contribute towards trimming, helming, sail changing, and watch standing so if you already have some experience we'd like to talk to you.

You don’t have to already be a racer, as the campaign will allow those who are comfortable sailing offshore to develop these race crew skills in the lead up to the Fastnet race.

The boat we'll be sailing is a Humphreys cruiser racer design. It's well proven as a capable offshore boat having successfully completed 2 x Round Ireland races, 2 x Fastnet races and numerous seasons of Scottish, Irish, RORC and East Coast racing. Last season the boat finished 4th overall and 2nd in class in the RORC series. It's not the fastest boat in the fleet, but it's a technical boat and as last seasons results proved, has the potential to do well on handicap.

The LSC members already on the team are:

Peter Ward (Skipper) - Lydia Coffey – Steven Purdue – Stephen Jefferson – Jo Kawecka – Monica Wolff

If you're interested in joining us, then please r.s.v.p. to this posting and be sure to contact [email protected] with your telephone number and email address. Peter will then contact you with more information about the campaign and have a chat with you about your previous sailing experience and ambitions.

After that, if you're still interested, we'll invite you to our next dinner and drinks (evening 19th Feb) so that you can get to know everyone else on the team.

At this crew meeting we'll be discussing the campaign plan in detail, after which you should be able to decide whether we're a crew that you'd like to sail with.

After the meeting we'll then offer the 3 crew places.

OK, okay. We know it does sound like an interview process! But we seriously want to ensure that everyone on the boat, gets along together, is able to contribute towards boat speed and crew safety, and has a good laugh! So we're giving you the opportunity to check us out also before deciding to join us.