The Channel Islands - a Budget Week's Holiday

What's the plan?

This is a one week holiday trip in July to the Channel Islands, which lie in the English Channel but close to the French coast, just to the west of the Cherbourg peninsula. They are blessed with a warm and dry summer climate and are also famous for their scenery, beautiful beaches and flowers. There are two main islands - Guernsey and Jersey (the home of the fictional detective Bergerac),  and several smaller ones - Alderney, Herm and Sark (known for its feudal constitution and the fact that motorised traffic isn't allowed there).

The islands have a mix of British and French influence, but although they are the Queen's subjects they're not part of the UK, and also aren't part of the EU, so there's no VAT, and duty on things like alcohol and perfume etc are very low.

The boat we'll use is a fully MCA coded and recent model Bavaria 37 which will accommodate eight people. We'll pick her up at Southampton. She has all the usual features on board, and gear can be hired from the charter company if needed.

There are some interesting navigational opportunities for anyone who wants to get involved in that aspect of the trip, and of course everyone is welcome and will be encouraged to take part in all aspects of sailing the yacht. As skipper I will naturally be on hand at all times, and have considerable sailing experience and RYA qualifications. If you're planning to do a Yachtmaster at any point this trip will give you two of the qualifying legs you'll need, and the passage plan they ask you to do for the YM exam often involves the Channel Islands too! That apart the islands are unusually tidal, so there's lots of useful navigtional experience to be gained.

Who should come?

Everyone is welcome to come. I will need some members of the crew to have sailed before so that we have enough capability to handle the yacht, but there is room for people who are completely new to sailing to come too. You'll get most from the trip if you are adventurous and keen to explore when we arrive at each island. The islands each have a unique character and there's lots to do and see on shore.

PLEASE NOTE - I do ask that you only sign up to go on this trip if you are definitely committed to doing so. That means being able to send me a payment shortly after your RSVP.

The first thing I'll need from you though is phone number and email address. It's difficult to organise trips unless I can easily communicate with you, so please let me have these straight away

Feel free to call me on 07711-528477 if you'd like to discuss anything (Steve)

There will be a get-together of the crew prior to the trip in a London restaurant so that everyone can meet each other in advance. Dates will be arranged once we know who'll be coming along.

How much does it cost?

The cost of this trip is just £295 for the week.