LSC Regular Members Summer BYOB BBQ!

Summer, sun? hard to say but we're going to have a BBQ in London Fields for regular sailing/social members.

This a BYOB & BBQ food BBQ for regular sailing and social members who have been on trips and/or regularly come to socials. 

Do I need a BBQ?
Rather than everyone bring their own BBQ, I'm charging £2,00/person to cover the cost of some BBQs, coal, sauces and so on...

Saturday 19th July from 11am. I'll try to get down early 11am ish as it does tend to get quite busy quite quickly so it's worth being european about it and getting your towels/picnic sheets down quickly.

Limited to 100 people so that we don't overcrowd the already quite crowded park :-)

p.s. If you see  Doric, Steve, Jonathan, Agne, Alexander, Peter or anyone else that's helped organise please give them a burger and a drink to say thank you! :-)


Here's a link to help people find the BBQ area at London Fields: