LSC Younger Members Social Dinner (New!)

Social drinks and food meetup (maybe even a few shots) for regular and new sailing/social members.

I'll try and get one of these organised every couple of months depending on the hangover from this first one :-)

Location: Grill on the market for drinks (241) then food their subject to how many people confirm

Some FAQs

Q: Why run a younger members meetup?

A: Younger members are quite under represented at LSC and after a few requests, comments and dicussions over the years so here it is :-) A chance to be a little more raucous than usual and maybe meet some interesting people.

Q: Is this ageist?

A: No. It's open to all and is catering to the needs of the club... From the feedback and comments I've had from new members over time this is something that some people want. Any regular members that aren't happy, please give me a call/email/message.

Q: Is this a singles event?

A: LSC is not and never will be a singles 'hookup' group. We're here to help meet like minded people who are interested in or already love sailing.