The Isles of Scilly - a Budget Week's Holiday

What's the plan?

This is a one week holiday trip in July to the Isles of Scilly, just over 20 miles off the southwestern tip of Cornwall. These islands, designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, consist of five which are inhabited, and several dozen more which are not. Glorious sandy beaches abound! Naturally arriving by yacht will allow us to explore the islands as we choose. The Scillies have a warmer climate than the rest of the UK, and in July the weather is statistically at its best.

The boat we'll use is a fully MCA coded 38 foot Swan, a classic yacht which will accommodate eight people. We'll pick her up at Falmouth in Cornwall and make the passage out to the island of St Mary's initially, then decide on the rest of our itinerary from there. The boat has all the usual features, and gear can be hired from the charter company if needed.

There are some interesting navigational opportunities for anyone who wants to get involved in that aspect of the trip, and of course everyone is welcome and will be encouraged to take part in all aspects of sailing the yacht. As skipper I will naturally be on hand at all times, and have considerable sailing experience and RYA qualifications.

Who should come?

Everyone is welcome to come. I will need some members of the crew to have sailed before so that we have enough capability to handle the yacht, but there is room for people who are completely new to sailing to come too.

I do ask that you only sign up to go on this trip if you are definitely committed to doing so. That of course means being able to send me a payment shortly after your RSVP.  If you sign up I will also need to have a phone number and email address so as to keep in touch with you.

Feel free to call me on 07711-528477 if you'd like to discuss anything (Steve)

How much does it cost?

The cost of this trip is just £295 for the week. If you're already in England then you're unlikely to need a flight of course, so your other main costs would be limited to travel to Falmouth.