Sailing Techniques Practice Weekend

A full weekend of sailing, with some leisure relaxation thrown in. This is a chance for Day Skippers and Competent Crew to get out on the water and practice some of those techniques that we never really get to use until we have to. Things like Sailing onto a Buoy, Hanking on a Storm Sail, Heaving-To, Rigging a Gybe Preventer, Man Overboard practice under sail, Pontoon Mooring and Springing Off, Fitting an Emergency Tiller. The emphasis will be on everyone having a go, so that we all come away from the weekend with improved skills and greater confidence.

We'll mostly be in the relatively sheltered waters of the Solent, but of course the vagaries of the British weather will determine some of our challenges for us. The choice of Saturday night marina in particular will depend on the weather and where our practice exercises take us.

I've sailed in various places over the last 20 years and seen on a few occasions how things can go wrong for the unprepared. So let's have a safe and enjoyable weekend improving our own sailing skills and safety.



Friday 7.30pm Meet at the yacht, then go for an evening meal in the local pub. To get things off to an interesting start, we will then take the yacht out for a short evening sail on the Friday evening, from around 9.30pm to 12pm, to experience the Solent at night.

Saturday. Sailing and techniques practice, as described above. Evening meal in a pub or restuarant near the marina.

Sunday. More sailing and techniques practice.

Sunday 3pm. Refuel and clean the yacht for 4pm yacht handover. If time permits, go for a final cuppa and natter in the marina cafe before heading home.


Upfront and Open notes

As the aim of this weekend is to improve on skills, the ideal requirement is Day Skipper, or Competent Crew with previous experience including helming please.

By joining you accept that the Skipper has final decision on activities and the itinerary, with safety of crew and the yacht in mind.

Accommodation on the yacht is shared double cabins. You will need to bring a sleeping bag and, if you want one, a pillow. There are some cushions that can be used as pillows; bring a pillowcase for these.

This is a shared costs venture, so there is no commercial liability or public liability on the part of myself as Skipper or on the part of any crew member.

By joining this trip you accept joint responsibility for the yacht, and you will be asked for a £250 damage deposit cheque. Please don't let this put you off, as the cheque will not be cashed except in the unlikely event that we damage the yacht and the charter company requires some payment taken from the damage deposit that I'm paying them. Should this occur you can pay cash or you will be refunded for any difference between the £250 cheque amount and your share of the amount actually needed to cover the damage. Of course, the expectation is that all will be fine and your cheque will be returned to you unused at the end of the weekend.

The price of the sailing weekend is £180. This price includes ALL costs relating to the yacht and marinas, together with breakfasts, lunches, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks on board. There are no additional charges after the event. You will need to pay for your own two evening meals and drinks. 

The weekend will go ahead provided that there is a minimum of 6 attendees. If it has to be cancelled due to insufficient people or cancellation by the yacht charter company you will be refunded in full for all monies paid.