4th July Weekend Sail & BBQ on Beach - Boat #1

Every year I do a trip from Hamble to West Wittering for my birthday. We have a BBQ on the beach and chill out. 

This year I'll be 30 and LSC is 5 years old! 

Definitely worth a beer on the beach :-) Our boat is (no longer) full but it would be great to get some more boats down. 

Trip type: This is a social sailing trip. We're likely to be sailing and staying up late over a few drinks :-) No experience required.

Boat: 38ft Bravaria

Marina Location: Hamble Point Marina, SO31 4JD

Transport: Take train from Waterloo to Southampton Airport Parkway and take a taxi to the airport. Good to try and make the 5.30pm meeting time so as to share the taxi cost ~£20.

Cost: £160 for the boat + food/fuel/marina which is usually around 20-30 quid each.

If you would like to come please call or SMS me on 0791 760 2110 ASAP. Payment confirms place, thanks :-)


Friday meet in Waterloo: 5.30pm Or At the boat from 5pm.

Saturday: Sailing

Sunday: Back to London for 7/7.30pm


As with all sailing there is a risk of minor, major injury and possibly even death (although it's extremely rare). I strongly recommend that you have suitable sports/travel insurance that covers you for participating in extreme sports including yacht racing. This is a non-profit occasional trip and as such I am not a tour operator.