Turkey Holiday!



Last years holiday was epic and is without a doubt one of the best holidays I've ever had. Speak to people who came and see what they thought..

As per last year this years destination is Turkey! It's an awesome country and having lived and worked their I can assure you that it's one not to be missed.

Turkey - Gocek (±40 mins from Dalaman airport)

July 2011
15th - Flights out
22nd - Return to Gocek marina, night on boat
23rd - Return to UK

None Required, skippers get in touch, there are already a few names in the hat..

All under three years old Jenneau's, we have a selection of pristine 39ft and 42ft boats set up this year, so while it's £30-£50 more for the boats/head anyone who came last year will vouch for the fact that new = good.

A Jenneau 39i

This includes transfers, bed linen, towels & an outboard for the dinghy
39i = £330 - Based on 6 sharing a 3cab, 8berth boat + Flights ~£200
42i = £350 - Based on 6 sharing a 3cab, 8berth boat + Flights ~£200

Non-refundable deposit of £100 due asap, the remainder will be due April/May details of number to call by email.

Skippers & Crews
The people on the trip last year made the holiday what it was and I have no doubt that this year will be the same.

As with last year before the holiday we ran a training weekend with the new skippers to make sure they were up to task, this year skippers will have had to have skippered a weekend in the solent or have some good background..

Boat 1 Skipper: Duncan / 42i

Boat 2 Skipper: Renato / 42i

Boat 3 Skipper: Vincent / 39i

Boat 4 Skipper: Steve

Boat 5 Skipper: Simon T


Suggested Flights
We don't book your flights so can only suggest some options that we think will work for everyone.

London => Dalaman

Option A - ±200
Outbound: Friday 15th July dep 22:50 arr 04:50
Return: Saturday 23rd July dep 03:55 arr 06:10

Option B - ±240
Outbound: Friday 15th July dep 20:50 arr 02:55
Return: Sunday 24th July dep 01:55 arr 04:10

More information
The general plan remains the same as last year, we will set out a number of waypoints where boats can decide to meet (or not) each evening and we will choose a waypoint for a full day stop to go and explore inland.

All of the shopping will be handled by the charter company as will all payments. The UK based rep will be at our socials to cover off all questions.

Being on the 'Going' list doesn't guarantee a place.

Day to day
Each boat will go at their own pace and we'll organise some big evening meals in restaurants.

What to expect/not to expect
These holidays are shared cost, so it's a meetup experience and a big happy family. Sadly that means that there's no hostess on board to do the dishes and you can't always expect everything to be 100% perfect in terms of timings. If you're looking for a laid back holiday with good company then you're in the right place.