Drinks and Welcome to New and Old Members

Come join us for a drink on Wednesday 23rd October! Probably the last outdoor drinks of the year...(or there's plenty of space inside if the cold snap arrives as forecast)

We haven't had a social for a while and normally they're at the end of the month buy, hey! we're welcoming you all at The George Inn in Southwark - just a short walk from London Bridge Station.

It's down a narrow passage and has lots of outside space. I'm hoping it won't be raining or freezing if so we'll try to grab a couple of the tables outside otherwise we'll colonise part of the bar indoors.

Unfortunately most pubs (the George Inn included) don't let us book tables or rooms without a large payment so we'll have to take our chances. I'll bring a sign of some sort so people will be able to spot us!

If you haven't been before it's a great chance to meet some of us and chat about sailing or anything else - otherwise I'm looking forward to catching up with those who have been before - all most welcome!