RYA First Aid at Sea Training Course


When you’re at sea the emergency services can’t get to you very quickly so you have to be prepared to handle all situations yourself. If you’re a skipper you’ll want to be sure you can handle emergencies before even thinking about organising a trip, and your crew will be just as keen to know you can do that! Many people’s first aid training only extends to CPR, and even guidance on that changes regularly and substantially. If your certificate doesn’t cover the full RYA syllabus which includes cold shock, drowning, hypothermia, burns, wounds diabetic response, seasickness and a number of others, then it might not be much use on a boat.


Even if you’re not yet taking command of a boat it’s worth considering that in a real emergency situation at sea the skipper might be tied up keeping the boat under control, liaising with the coastguard or possibly dealing with another casualty, so even if you’re a member of the crew specialist sailing-related first aid training might be invaluable for you.



I have negotiated a course at a very substantial discount with a specialist RYA training organisation. Their instructor will give intensive training covering the RYA’s complete syllabus which will lead to you receiving a formal RYA qualification in First aid at Sea, which is a prerequisite for any kind of Yachtmaster certification. The training will take place in London on Sunday 6th October and RYA certificates will be issued on the day.

The cost of training is only £50 per person.

In addition you will need this book http://www.rya.org.uk/shop/pages/product.aspx?pid=ZF03%28RYADefaultCatalog%29. If you like you can buy it separately but it will be available from the instructor on the day, price £12.99.

The cheapest I have seen this course anywhere else is £59, but that it is Southampton. In London the cheapest I have been able to find is £95, with some places charging £110, so I think this is a bargain. You may also think it’s an exceptional bargain if ever you need to carry out first aid at sea for real!



Everyone is welcome as long as they are:

• able to commit

• able to send me a contact email and phone number when they sign up

• in a position to make full payment at the time of signing up or shortly after

• able to remain easily contactable until the day of the course and happy to respond quickly to emails etc

Additional Information

Full course content:

Assessment, immediate actions and the priorities within first aid
Unconsciousness and the recovery position
Breathing difficulties
Failure of the circulation: shock
Blood loss and the control of bleeding
Recognition of internal bleeding
Angina and heart attack
Levels of response and the AVPU scale
Head injury: concussion and compression
Immersion hypothermia and cold shock
Burns, including sunburn.
Exposure hypothermia/hyperthermia
Seasickness and dehydration
Diabetic emergency
Fractures, including spinal injuries
First aid kits
Advice or assistance by radio
Medivac…..the evacuation of a casualty by helicopter
For the skippers of MCA coded boats:
The contents and use of the category C first aid kit, including the pocket mask
Subject of special interest to the group:
Weils disease, blue/green algae, child CPR, marine stings, fish hooks, etc