Cross Channel - Brighton - Fecamp


The plan is to go from Brighton to Fecamp and back over the weekend (subject to weather etc at the time), so not so much a gentle holiday trip as a chance to do some serious sailing, get two 60 mile legs in and see a bit of France at the same time.



Everyone is welcome as long as they are:

up for what I've described above able to send me a contact email and phone number when they sign up in a position to pay for their share at the time of signing up or shortly after able to remain easily contactable until the trip begins and happy to respond quickly to emails etc I will need at least one person though who has significant experience - e.g Yachtmaster Coastal or above or similar other experience that would allow you to undertake the passage as mate.


How Much

The charter cost is £125 per person plus shares of food, diesel and marina.


Other Important Stuff

You must be entitled to enter France - valid passports etc Please only sign up if you're able to let me have contact details straightaway and payment soon afterwards.