Sunday Racing at SHYC

My company own's a 45ft Mca cat2 racing yacht called Hurricane and I am able to charter her at preferential rates for some events if she has not already been booked.

I have an option to charter her for a series of 4 races on Sunday mornings racing out of Eastbourne in surrey where she is kept for the winter. The races are short inshore races round the cans, Starting at approx 8.30 am finishing approx 3.00 pm.

Due to the cold weather we have been forced to change the dates
Race dates are, 14th and 28th April 12th and 19th May


I can do this for just £30 per head per day


The race crew positions are as follows;
Bowman, Mast, Pit, Foresail trimmer, Mainsheet trimmer, Kite trimmer, Grinder, Nav, Tactics, Helm.

Racing on a large yacht is a great way to improve your sailing because in a single day of racing round the cans you can perform as many boat manoeuvres as you would in a week of cruising, however the large crew relieves the pressure as there is always someone to help out. So do not worry if you have limited or no race experience you can still be a valuable member of the crew and learn quickly.

Please let me know if you are interested and which of the crew positions you think you could do or would like to try.