Dieppe Dash Brighton to Dieppe May 2nd to 5th

The Dieppe Dash cross channel race from Brighton Marina
I am able to charter Hurricane an Élan 450 MCA cat2 race Yacht at preferential rates for some events. This is an offshore race so I would advise you come racing on one of the Sunday events prior to this race if you have not raced offshore before. We are hoping the Sunday races will serve as crew training for the two cross channel races we will be competing in this year. Places are limited, as we will be taking at least four experienced race crew on this event.
Racing on a large yacht is a great way to improve your sailing because in a single day of racing round the cans you can perform as many boat manoeuvres as you would in a week of cruising, however the large crew relieves the pressure as there is always someone to help out. So do not worry if you have limited or no race experience you can still be a valuable member of the crew and learn quickly.
The perfect way to kick-start the sailing season. We have a good track record in this race, winner 2011 4th 2012. The plan is as follows

Thursday 5th moving Hurricane from Eastbourne to Brighton 20nm crew training. Some crew may join Thursday eve in Brighton
Friday 3rd early start race across to Dieppe
Sat 4th Reception prizes and some celebrations hopefully
Sunday 5th race back to Eastbourne

Costs are £150 per head plus food and drink kitty

Please reply giving experience and crew position