Sailing in the Solent - July 2009 - Yacht #2

Hi All,

Weekend date confirmed for skippers, depending on yacht availability (tbc tomorrow).
The plan is to have two yachts. One skippered by Dave and his wife the other by Struan and myself.

Just to fill in any of the uninitiated, typically yachts are considered to have 4 rooms, three of these rooms are actual rooms and the fourth is the main cabin where the table usually lowers and turns into a bed.

We will split people across the two boats during the day so that there is a good mix of experience & inexperience on both. The main goal being of the weekend being to have fun as well as get an idea of what level everyone is at.

Yacht #1
-1 Skipper (Dave F ) + First mate + 5 people

Yacht #2
-1 Skipper (Struan M) + First mate (Duncan M) + 5 people

Rough Itinerary - *Weather dependant
5.30pm - Meet on Friday night at the bar on the terrace in Waterloo (Used to be Reef bar)
9pm - Dinner & drinks

8.30am - Meet at boats for morning briefing
10am - Set sail around the Solent
4pm - Dock at Cowes
7pm - Dinner

10am - Set sail around local area
4pm - Return to Southampton

Yacht Charter: £1037 (£149/person)
Extras: Fuel (~£5/each) & Docking fees (~ £5)

Train to Southampton from Waterloo on Friday

Friday: Dinner on Friday night near boat
Saturday: Continental breakfast, first day lunch in a pub, dinner in Cowes
Sunday: Continental breakfast, lunch onboard.

Supermarket order
Please let me know what you want for your order on the comment below, each boat will have its own order.
Initial list: Breakfast (light meats, cereal, fruit), Water (1L/person/day), Drinks (1 bottle of rum, 1 cola, 1x gin, 1 tonic)

Experience required

See you soon, Duncan