RYA Day Skipper Practical Course - Sometime July/Aug 2009

This is a provisional date, the course will take place in July.

RYA Day Skipper Practical is for people who have a basic level of sailing and over 5 days straight or 6 days over 3 weekends do 100 miles of sailing and learn all the skills required to skipper a yacht. The course is completed usually with 3-4 people who are learning.

Costs: The cost for the course will be around £400-500
Location: Solent - Ideal place to do a day skipper as is tidal and busy so there aren't many more challenging places to do this.
Prerequisites: A good basic level of sailing

I'll add more information as I get the info from the various sailing schools and find one which is good..

5 days vs Weekend: I haven't decided whether this should be a 5 day or a weekend course. Let me know what you'd prefer to do..

Email me/use the contact button on the right if you have any questions..