Cruising Weather by Jim Bacon, Talk at the Cruising Association

Come and be my guest at this promising talk at the Cruising Association.
Jim has been a meteorologist since 1968 and is still thoroughly fascinated by all things weather. He has worked in and out of the Met Office over the years, and appeared on TV and radio for the BBC and Anglia Television before founding Weatherquest, a company based at the University of East Anglia.
His presentation on sailing weather has something for everyone. It is full of practical tips for experienced sailors. It demystifies some of the technical aspects of weather forecasting, such as the use of GRIB files. It never strays into the obscure or the technically boring. Jim’s dry sense of humour spices the subject matter throughout.
The evening is also the new members meeting so it is free for new and prospective members and includes a complimentary drink upon arrival. Come and find out more about the cruising association, especially it's crewing service; for £20.00 a year yo can sign up to crew all over the world!